An Ode to Cousins

The Thanksgiving holiday is over.  My brother +5 have gone home to Denver.   My sister +4 are flying home to Germany tomorrow morning.  The cousins (and there are many) have given their hugs good-bye and shed their tears and asked, “When are we going to see Josie again?”


There is no relationship so magical as that of cousin.  Because they are your blood, they understand you better than your friends do.  Because they are your age, they’re cooler than your parents are.  Because you don’t see them every day, they’ don’t fight with you like your siblings do.

Cousins combine the best of all worlds.  They accept you no matter what because you are part of the clan, and even better, they actually want to hang out with you.


When they come to visit, you go to bouncy houses and pizza places and children’s museums and burger joints and movie theaters, and your mother doesn’t make you practice the piano.  You eat with them, and nobody cares whether you’ve finished your dinner.  And since you are usually at grandma’s house, there’s always pie or cookies afterwards.  So of course you are sad when they leave, especially when you realize you have school the next day.

“Is Emily coming back next summer?” asks Ricky.


“Next year?”

“Probably not.”  Germany is far away.  Too far.

We love you cousins!